Bible Mathematics from The Genesis 1 Window
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The Genesis I Window

The Genesis I Window reveals how man was imaged in the beginning creation, when the count for evening, morning, and day was 666 on the 6th day. It reveals how all mankind receives the "Mark of the Beast", and how man is formed of carbon dust in Genesis II. Carbon is also 666, since carbon’s atomic number is 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, and 6 protons. All of life's DNA is based on carbon. Even the scientist's periodic table follows the matrix of the Creation.

The above discovery begins an astonishing Genesis I Window patterned walk through the Bible led by the numbers of God. It is proven (over 100 times illustrated with 100 figures) that scripture in the Bible follows the bible math of the Creation.

Through the Genesis 1 Window, the challenge in Revelation to calculate the number of the beast is finally answered. It reveals an ordered mathematical discipline (divine equivocation) that consistently underlies all scripture in the Bible, and governs the natural behavior of man, just as the Newtonian laws of physics govern the natural behavior of matter, motion, space, and time.

Many people regard both religion and science as opposite avenues to the truth. Some of these same people choose science over religion, because science is of the believable natural real world, as opposed to a perceived unrealistic supernatural realm. Religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, or Islam are heretofore not supported by foundational laws proven by mathematics like the calculations in physics and chemistry, even though the Bible has many imbedded numbers. 

The Genesis I Window combines logic and faith so that logic supports faith? Can divine mathematics and religion be combined so that math supports religion? Is there such a thing as a cup of truth like a Holy Grail? Is there such a thing as a mathematical code, which underlies the Word of God, much like the Newtonian math, which underlies the natural order of the physical universe? Can anyone make sense out of the ages and dates of the Patriarchs, the genealogies of Jesus, the Jewish Holy Days, and the source and meaning of bible numbers like 7, 40, 50, 77, 777, 666, and 3? 

The answer to each of these questions is yes. Through the Genesis 1 Window, an RC666 Bible Code is visible and with a new tool, “divine equivocation”, brings the numbers in the Bible together to proclaim the validity of the Word of God by merging Old and New Testaments into one common theme. With these numbers the Genesis 1 Window reveals the reality of God's Creation of man, reveals the secret identity of the Son of God, and reveals the purpose of human life. Through the Genesis 1 Window the reality of God’s numbers that structure His written Word is finally made available to the world.   

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JW Farquhar
  author of
"Doctrine of the Cross"

"The Lausanne Covenant Hypocrisy"
"Daniel's Secret"
"The Genesis 1 Window"
"The Creation of Man"
“The RC666 Bible Code”


The Genesis I Window

"The prophet Daniel was instructed to keep the vision secret, and that the truth concerning the Bible would only be revealed at the right time. For the first time in the history of mankind the conditions for the revelation of Biblical truths, hidden for two thousand years, is now upon us."

Scott gru-Bell, Author, TV Host


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